Some late Magdalenian Projectile Points in S/W France

projectil magdalenien sw france


These are three late Magdalenian projectile points from S/W-France. The first one is a  5,7 cm long “Point de Teyjat”  found near Sarlat at the Pech de Bourre site and the other two are shouldered points from the Abri Morin in the Gironde region.  The late Magdalenian of the Aquitaine started before the Bölling oscillation  and  the latest dates for “Magdalenian VI” ensembles in this region come from the Dryas II cold phase.

During the Magdalenian V/VI  a diversified evolution of the lithic insets took place in S/W-France. First curved-backed points, then shouldered points and tanged points were made, and harpoons and a diversification in antler working, emphasizes the evolution in the conception of the hunting equipment.

Dog remains from Le Morin rock shelter indicate that Magdalenian groups already  lived with dogs, morphologically and genetically distinct from Pleistocene wolves. Other Magdalenian specimens from Bonn-Oberkassel and from the Kartstein cave, both in Germany, have been described. Dogs may have been already man’s best friend and helper for the hunt- but this issue remains speculative.

Teyjat points have some similarities to the tanged points of N-Europe (Ahrensburg, Bromme and Swidery-complex) but they appeared earlier. While the Bromme started not before the Alleröd oscillation, the other complexes together with the late Bromme were part of the Dryas III environment.

Shouldered points developed at the end of the Upper Magdalenian of the south west of France, essentially in the Gironde and the Dordogne. They technologically and morphologically differ from broadly contemporaneous shouldered points of the Paris basin (Cepoy-Marsangy) and the North European plain (the classic Hamburgian and the Havelte Group).

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  1. Angelica Moralez says:

    Being a new art history student , I find little things like these tools so fascinating. I admire the fact that evolution is amazing and also a little ticked off . Why did we have to change such aspect of hunting into something so different. I wouldn’t mind if today we lived as if we did in the Paleolithic period . Dogs are still here , so why can’t these spears be here. I also admire that we have found these artifacts and are showing the world what we have found and what we can use if needed to .

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