In the Farthest Corner of Nowhere: End of Subscription of Aggsbach’s Blog, Paleolithique

pech de l aze aggsbchSubscribing Aggsbach’s Blog is not possible any more-because thousands of “Avatars” and spamming persons subscribed the blog and their number was exponentially increasing over time. I have no idea if such people would use my limited place on the server for spam attacks. As a consequence, I have deleted all mails addresses from subscribers. Those who want to send a message will already know how to get in touch with me…

Sadly enough, the number of destructive persons seems to be always significantly higher than the number of authentic followers of this remote blog.

Just for your pleasure: A “classic” Acheulian handaxe found in the 19th century at Combe Grenal in the Dordogne- a nice contradiction against the construct  of an “Acheuleen Meridional” . By the way this is not the only ” classical” biface from this site- another can be found in the 2000 edition of the “Encycopedia of Human Evolution” in the Acheulean article……


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