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This blog is a document of my own enthusiasm (obsession?) for lithic artifacts.  I combine this highly emotional theme with my scientific interest.   The “semiophores” concept ( referes to my fascination on artifacts but my scientific attitude remains related to my efforts of being updated with the literature.

This blog is an instrument of self-education but not a collectors site showing “belles pieces” without any explanation, although I can not deny that artifacts are some kind of “treasures” in a quite naïve sense for me. This blog is not a blog on “breaking news”, and does not predominantly deal with genetics and epigenetics or molecular archaeology, although these topics are indispensable for any up-to date discussion. It remains a blog “simply in stones”.



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About Katzman

During my whole life I was fascinated by stone age artefacts. Not only the aesthetic qualities of these findings, but also the stories around them and the considerations arising from their discovery, are a part of my blog. Comments and contributions are allways welcome!

About me: J.L. Katzman (Pseudonym). Born in Vienna. Left Austria in 1974 and did not regret. Studied Medicine and Prehistory at a German University. Member of a Medical Department at a German University.

Copyright 2010-2017 by JLK. All Rights Reserved. You are welcome to use material in these posts so long as you cite the work.

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3 Responses to Simply in Stones

  1. Andrea Kaschee says:

    and I like it!

  2. Ber Claessen says:

    And I like it too! A rare (!) combination of scholarship, hands-on expertise/experience and collector’s enthusiasm … Please continue (but give us a bit more palaeo, living up to the blog’s title).

  3. imix says:

    And I can simply say the same: that is exactly how I like it! The stones should be there in their beauty, their presence, their challenge to us, their not-speaking-to-us. And be combined with what human thought then produces in trying to understand these traces of something that was, and is. For me, it never ceases to be a thrill!

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