I am not amused….

A short post on my own account:

The content of this pages is free for everyone. BUT this does not mean that everybody can use my pictures and texts on her/his page without asking for my permission, which will rarely be denied. I am at a loss for words for people who have not the slightest estimation of my personal intelectual efforts and my time, by using my contents without reference to my work.

Here is an example: The pictures of this webpage (http://ussromantics.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/ancient-cultures-and-technologies/) have been taken from my blog: (thttp://www.aggsbach.de/2010/12/chatelperronian-points-from-the-pas-estret-site/). I asked the webmaster to make a reference to my page or abandon the picture and after some days I got a reply (displayed in the comments section).

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About Katzman

During my whole life I was fascinated by stone age artefacts. Not only the aesthetic qualities of these findings, but also the stories around them and the considerations arising from their discovery, are a part of my blog. Comments and contributions are allways welcome! About me: J.L. Katzman (Pseudonym). Born in Vienna. Left Austria in 1974 and did not regret. Studied Medicine and Prehistory at a German University. Member of a Medical Department at a German University. Copyright 2010-2017 by JLK. All Rights Reserved. You are welcome to use material in these posts so long as you cite the work.
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3 Responses to I am not amused….

  1. Ber says:

    I fully agree: deplorable! This unique, excellent paleo/prehisto blog deserves better!

  2. I responded to your remarks on my blog a couple of days ago. I’ve since looked at my piece and replaced the image of tools which you tell me was incorrectly labelled as Gravettian with another image, not from your blog.
    Your reasoning about my estimation of your intellectual efforts, based on my use of this picture, is fallacious. The situation is more like this: a student chooses to do a school project on stone tools, both to impress the teacher and to educate himself, and so he gets hold of a lot of material – old school textbooks, magazines on paleontology etc – and cuts and pastes the appropriate images, maps, etc, into his project book. He tries to label everything correctly and get his narrative right, but not being an expert in the field he’s liable to make the odd error.
    From this activity nothing whatever can be inferred about the student’s estimation of the original producers/owners of the pictures in the magazines he has used. He might be indifferent, he might be full of reverence. Who can read the mind of another?
    As a dilettante I write about a thousand different subjects, always with illustrations, and anyone would be silly to think that any of the images I use are owned by me. I’m happy to acknowledge anyone else’s specific prior ownership, but it should be assumed as a matter of obvious fact that I’m using copies, and often copies of copies of copies, of material floating around the internet.
    God luck with your excellent blog.
    Stewart Henderson

  3. Katzman says:

    Thanks- please replace my photo of Chatelperronian tools also-or alternatively use it and give a reference to my site. You have my permission to use this and other photos of my blog for your self-education. In the future you should be more careful in the selection of your pictures and – please be more reflective about Ethics on the Internet

    Best Regards

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