Enigmatic object from the Natufian at Kebara

The Natufian can be recognized through its combined archeological attributes, including dwellings, graves, lithic and bone industries, ground stone tools, ornamentation, and art objects (most famous: The Ain Sakhri lovers and the handle of a sickle-blade haft carved as a young animal at El Wad). What you see here is an enigmatic object (3,5×2,3×1,1 cm), which may be a longitudinally grooved arrow-straightener and polisher, made of stone, which was found in the Natufian deposits at Kebara cave, Mt Carmel, Israel. I do not know an exact pendant from another site in the Levant, but very similar pieces in the Lutuami or Klamath Lake and Modoc Indians of northeastern California and southern Oregon may allow such a  functional interpretation . (http://www.craterlakeinstitute.com/online-library/klamath-modoc/comple80.jpg). There are similar Epipaleolithic items displayed by the Israel Museum in the web, interpreted as weights and sharpening stones (http://www.imj.org.il/imagine/galleries/viewRoomE.asp?case=1&rm=Settled%20communities)









After the Cold: Kebaran from Kebara Cave

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2 Responses to Enigmatic object from the Natufian at Kebara

  1. Monika Zephier says:

    How’s about a plummet, a loom weight, or a Bola stone?

  2. Katzman says:

    Good idea! A study on these artifacts using modern methodolgy would be interesting…..

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