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Posts of this blog will be regularly updated (please look at the “Updated Posts” section). This means that new pictures and/ or  ammendments to the texts are available.

I am allways happy about specific comments and discussion. I recommend to read the last comment of Tom Holck with many pictures of Type-D arrowheads  and the short contribution of Andrea, bringing the the role of German Archaeologists (Zotz, Bohmers, Schwabedissen)  in Tchechoslowakia during WW II to the point!

The artifact shown here is a Type-D arrowhead from Scane ( 7 cm long), most probably related to the Pitted Ware culture ( see also: http://www.aggsbach.de/2011/03/scandinavian-neolithic-type-d-arrow-point/).


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During my whole life I was fascinated by stone age artefacts. Not only the aesthetic qualities of these findings, but also the stories around them and the considerations arising from their discovery, are a part of my blog. Comments and contributions are allways welcome! About me: J.L. Katzman (Pseudonym). Born in Vienna. Left Austria in 1974 and did not regret. Studied Medicine and Prehistory at a German University. Member of a Medical Department at a German University. Copyright 2010-2017 by JLK. All Rights Reserved. You are welcome to use material in these posts so long as you cite the work.
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