Acheulean near Châteauneuf-sur-Loire

There are many old handaxe findings in the Loiret (Névoy, Ouzouer-sur-Loire, Bray-en-Val, Saint-Aignan-des-Gués, Saint-Martin-d’Abbat, Germigny-des-Prés,
Mardié, Chécy…).

Although the Acheulian in the Loire valley around Orleans is well developed and has many affinities to the Acheulian of the Indre and Loire region around Abilly, the raw material is very different. Around Abilly the honey colored flint of the Le Grand-Pressigny area was widely used, while around Orleans a grey whitish flint is prevalent. According to geological work at Châteauneuf-sur-Loire , performed in the early 40ies until the 60ies such artifacts are dated to the “Rissian terasse” (OIS 8-6?) of the Loire river.

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