Mousterian / MSA Point from Maroc

This is a Middle Paleolithic / MSA Point from Maroc with extraordinary continuous and regular retouches. The projectile function of the artifact displayed here, is obvious.

Convergent artifacts in the European Middle Paleolithic and the MSA have been found to be multi-functional tools for cutting meat, bones, skin and wood. Traces of basal shafting (for example at Biache) speak against the random nature of these implements, which surely represent more than a simple moment of a reduction sequence. Some convergent tools show clear evidence that the producer had a concept of the final product in mind when he or she started to knap the artifact. Impact fractures on the tip of such tools implicate that at least some convergent forms were used as projectile points.

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3 Responses to Mousterian / MSA Point from Maroc

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  2. francesco albrizio says:

    sono un appassionato del paleolitico. molto spesso le foto pubblicate non riportano le
    vado spesso in marocco, però generalmente si parla di studi relativi all’africa orientale
    e poco della parte occidentale compreso il sahara. potete consigliarmi qualcosa in merito? riguardo al musteriano ci sono anche manufatti in pietra e come si riconoscono?
    se potete inviarmi una risposta in merito vi sarei grato. in attesa

    cordiali saluti francesco albrizio

  3. Katzman says:

    Look at: Préhistoire du Sahara et de ses abords : Tome 1, Au temps des chasseurs : Le Paléolithique (via Amazon)

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