Just for your pleasure: Neolithic Sickles from Scandinavia

In 1973, Ebbe Lomborg published ‘Die Flintdolche Dänemarks, which is still a major source of Late Neolithic Culture in Denmark. Here he classified and chronologically orders the Late Neolithic hallmark, the pressure-flaked flint dagger, into types and subtypes, hence continuing Sophus Müller’s studies (1902) in the same field. Subsequently various studies have investigated the operational sequence of the Flint-dagger production.

Interestingly there is no equivalent to Lomborg’s work regarding the bifacial flint sickles of the same time period, although they are more common that daggers. I personally do not know any in-depth article about these wonderful artifacts. Maybe one of my readers has it and is willing to share her/his knowledge….


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