Mousterian Point from Grand Pressigny Flint

This is a very large Mousterian Point (16 cm) from the Touraine, found early in the 20th century.

Grand Pressigny Flint is holding a special place in the raw material extraction and transport during prehistoric times, beginning in the Middle Paleolithic with small quantities of typical flint that was moved over the landscape.

 While it seems that in the Touraine and adjacent areas the Acheulean occupation was confined almost exclusively to the floodplains, we observe a diversification of sites, which were localized not only at the river banks but also at slopes, plateaus and sometimes caves and rock-shelters, during the Middle Paleolithic.

 In these regions a Mousterian with bifacial artifacts is known almost exclusively from open air sites along with other industries, that are mainly characterized by the occurrence of  large scrapers which are exclusively found in caves and rock shelters along the valleys of the Brignon, Anglin, the Gartempe and the Vienne.

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