Ritual Rattle or Children’s Play?

This is my post No 200. I am really astonished that I have about 300 readers per day worldwide. “Thank You!” for stopping by and visiting my site. “Thank You!” for reading my posts and for your stimulating discussions, which have shown, that I am not the only one who likes to talk about prehistoric times.

 For the celebration of this “jubilee”, I show you one of my favorites, an artifact from the late Bronze Age (Lausitz culture; 1300-800 BC.) coming from southern Germany.  The artifact is a rattle, which has the shape of a bird with a broad foot. One wing was broken off, and was later restored. The slash-bundle decoration on the back could be interpreted as plumage or wings.

 Such rattles could have served as music instruments, for ritual purposes, but also for children’s play. Some bird rattles have been found in children graves and the various interpretations of course are not mutually exclusive.

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2 Responses to Ritual Rattle or Children’s Play?

  1. Imix says:

    Don’t be surprised that you have readers! Your blog is absolutely superb and both your knowledge and your dedication are truly impressive. Also I notice that for many somewhat (but only slightly) more specific paleolithic topics your blog shows up high in google – which just shows what a gap you are filling between the science literature and really superficial online blabs. If there is one regret then it is that I would not mind if you wrote three times as much on each post … your shortness has great charme, but what you have to say is stimulating, interesting and as far as I can tell with my much inferior knowledge, very much spot-on. I would be delighted if you continued and returned to topics etc. (e.g. the Szeletian, just to name one of many). Something wonderful is happening here. (Btw, what happened to the Palanth forum??) Please keep it up as long as you enjoy it! We’ll read it! Imix

  2. Cernunnos says:

    Congratulations! I mainly enjoy the high resolution photos of widely known artifact types. And every time I wonder where you took them. 😉

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