A triangular Handaxe from Neuburg an der Donau

neuenburg donau aggsbach mousterian micoquian

This artifact comes from a silica mining pit located about 3km north of Neuburg an der Donau. It was found rather randomly by an amateur paleontologist who searched the area for bones of Ice Age animals. Dr. K.H. Rieder (former head of the excavation offices of the Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege at Ingolstadt) confirmed the piece as a handaxe of Middle Paleolithic Age. Similar items are known from the Weinberghöhlen at Mauern, the Beixenstein Site, from the Schambach Micoquian, Wörleschwang, and from the Speckberg near Meilenhofen (http://www.aggsbach.de/2010/08/a-biface-from-meilenhofen/). An OIS 3 date seems to be most probable.

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