Scandinavian Neolithic Type D-arrow point


This a Scandinavian Neolithic Type D-arrow point , most probably related to the Pitted Ware culture. These strong arrows are usually produced from straight three-sided blades and were most probably used for the hunting of marine resources.

The suggestion, that the development of Neolithic structures is an irreversible process, remains a reiteration of a 19th century evolutionistic paradigm. The Pitted Ware culture in South Sweden therfore seems to be a good example for a “de-Neolithisation” of a society, which returns in contrast to their Neolithic neighbors, to a modified hunter-gatherer lifestyle. However, genetic data from Sweden suggest, that the people of the Pitted Ware culture and the Funnelbeaker culture were genetically distinct.

The coastal settlements of the Pitted Ware culture in South-West Sweden are contemporaneous with inland settlements of the the latest Funnel Beaker and Battle Axe culture. First data based on evidence from stable isotope analysis on Pitted Ware skeletal material from the Eastern Central Sweden, showed that this culture was based almost exclusively on marine diet, predominantly on seal. Hunting of Elk, deer and beaver and the gathering of plants seems to have played only a secondary role.

The most characteristic and distinguishing artifact of the Pitted Ware culture is the pitted ware vessel. The material culture also includes thick-butted flint and ground stone axes, tanged arrowheads made of slate, bone and flint, but also harpoons, fish-spears and fish-hooks from organic materials.

As recently elegantly shown by Åsa M. Larsson, the Pitted Ware is not just a costal facies of other cultures during the Swedish Middle Neolithic B, but reflects an distinct social identity: “The pottery crafts of the Pitted Ware and Battle Axe cultures were not just fundamentally different technologically, but even more so in the attitudes toward authority, tradition, variation and the social role of the potter in the community”.

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