The Reutersruh Paleolithic

A Scraper, Levallois Point and a Tayac-Point from the Reutersruh site near Kassel (250-40 k.a BP)

In 1948, Hallam L. Movius Jr. proposed a theoretical line, which separated regions of Lower Paleolithic Technocomplexes with Handaxes, from regions without such tools. The “Movius line” divides the old world into Western regions (Africa, Europe and S/W-Asia including India) and into eastward parts of Asia. Germany is situated west from this line.

In Middle Europe  “Acheulean” ensembles with Handaxes older than OIS 5 ( Markleeberg, Hundisburg..) would be described by French authors as “Epi-Acheulean” due to their  low frequency of Bifaces .

In Germany, A. Luttropp has drawn attention to quartzite as a raw material in N-Hesse during the late 1930ies. One of Luttropp’s Handaxe-rich surface assemblages, with a morphology displaying a spectrum between “Abbevillian” and “MTA” , is that of Reutersruh (near Schwalmstadt). The material from the lower, middle and upper Paleolithic has been published in a monograph by Bosinski and Luttropp (1971). In this Monograph Bosinski gives a reconstruction of different “Chaîne opératoires” used at this site to produce blanks from Levallois, Discoid and other cores. From a typological view, it is reasonable to assume, that a part of the artifacts is older than the last interglacial. Luttropp’s collection was sold to the “Landesmuseum” Kassel in the 1970ies and displayed there until recently (see the followng link..)


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