Geometric Engravings on the cortex of flint (Willendorf Kostenki)

This is an enigmantic Criss cross Pattern on a burinated blade, engraved on the cortex of flint, found at Moravany Banka and belonging to the Willendorf-Kostenki technocomplex (Displayed with different tresholds; Please click to enlarge!).

During the evolution of symbolic thinking such schematic patterns first appear in the MSA layers of Blombos cave dated to 100-75 years ago on ochre slabs

The earliest examples of engravings on the cortex of flint before the upper paleolithic are an engraving with a set of concentric lines found at the Quneitra site, in a Mousterian level dated to ca 60 k.a BP and from Qafzeh (ca 90 k.a BP) with a set of parallel incisions found in the same Levallois-Mousterian levels as the Homo sapiens burials .

Engraved stones with schematic decorations occur throughout the Upper Paleolithic of Europe, but items of such decorations on the cortex of flint artifacts are rare. The best known example is a burin of the late Magdalenian at Princevent. Implements with an engraved cortex from the Roc-aux-Sorciers site are dated to a Late Magdalenian with tanged and shouldered points. Similar items are known from several late “Federmesser” sites in Belgium and the Netherlands, from the late Paleolithic at Hengistbury Head and at the Bromme-type site.

To my knowledge, the example displayed here is the first published from a Gravettian context.

Suggested Reading: Blombos Cave-sorry no free material about the other sites available (but If you want by request via

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