Acheulean Biface from from the collection of Raoul Daniel

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Acheulean Biface from the Dreux vicinity from the collection of Raoul Daniel (1891-1978).

Raoul Daniel was born in March 13, 1891, at Sorges in the Dordogne. Since his childhood Daniel aspired to a musical career. After first steps in playing the violin he  went to Paris to perfect his art by taking lessons from eminent professors. He made the knowledge of Saint-Saens, Massenet, and others. In 1909, he signed a one year commitment for United States to play the first violin in the orchestra of the French Opera. From 1912 until 1919 he served in the French army. After his finally discharge in October 1919 he became a music publisher for the next 38 years.

Alongside the music, he became interested in Prehistory almost at the age of 12 years. In 1905, he helped organize the first Congress of Prehistory in Périgueux. For several years we was the Secrétaire general of the “Société d’Excursions Scientifiques” founded by G. and A. de Mortillet. He wrote more than 100 publications, most strikingly illustrated by his friend R. Espitalié and sometimes with drawings by his hand. As an enthusiastic amateur he made contributions to the French Mesolithic under the guidance of R. Vaufrey who appreciated his work. For years, he stayed in Périgord during the summer holidays where he had the patience to sift the debris of numerous old excavations looking for small tools that escaped the eyes of the first excavators. He also participated in the initial excavations and publications at the Verrieres-le-Buisson site. During his lifetime he gathered a large scientific collection, which was later donated to the Museum at St-Germain-en-Laye and the Musée de Nemours. Raoul Daniel remains one of the few amateurs during the formational years of the French Prehistoric research, who made valuable contributions in the field.

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