Fragment of a large Leafpoint (Solutreen)

solutrian katzman 2014Our imagination about the Solutreen is biased towards a large numer of intact Leafpoints (, left in place by H. sapiens at the LGM. In reality most large Leafpoints from the Solutreen were found as fragments. This fragment of a non-finished Solutrean Leafpoint comes from Laugerie basse / Les Eyzies (Dordogne).  This basal fragment broke during the early manufacturing process, if we extrapolate from the data of the  open-air Solutrean site of Les Maitreaux (Bossay-sur-Claise, Indre et Loire), which was excavated by modern techniques.

For those, who do not have a personal copy of Smith`s  seminal work from the 1960ies: here is the link for the heavy weighted  pdf-copy (134 MB!)

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