Jankovichian Leafpoint

The Jankovichian (“Trans Danubian Szelettien”) is known from old excavations at 10 sites in the Pilis and Gerecse mountains south of the bend  in the Danube and West of Budapest. This leafpoint is from the Hillebrand excavations at the Jankovich Cave (Hillebrand 1915). The  geochronological position of the Jancovician is unfortunately not exactly known. There are also serious doubts about the homogeneity of this technocomplex.

While Gabori-Csank stressed connections with the middle European Micoquian, others supposed that there there are affinities to the Levalloiso-Mousterien with leafpoints on the Balkans (for example: the Bulgarian Muselievo site at the lower Danube, dated to 50-40 k.a BP and a similar site at at Samuilitsa II (layers 5 and 6).

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