MTA in the Charente

Several Middle Paleolithic technocomplexes are represented in the basin of the Charente.  Such industries with Levallois technique and some Bifaces are present at the Grotes de la Chaise during OIS8-5e.

The Quina Mousterian type is the dominant Middle Paleolithic industry: besides the eponymous site at Quina, this technocomplex is particularly well represented at Marillac and extends to the Charente-Maritime region (Jonzac). The Ferrassie Mousterian is now known by deposits at the technical school of Pons and apparently at Artenac.  The Mousterian of Acheulean tradition is common at open air sites but rarer in caves and rock shelters (Fontechevade, Vilhonneur Cave, La Quina Ammont) and especially at the Marcel Clouet cave at Cognac).

This thick Handaxe (click to enlarge!) is a field find, found at Cognac/ Charente near the Marcel Clouet Cave, a rock shelter in the Cretaceous limestone cliffs along the Antenne, a tributary of the Charente River. The artifacts recovered in stratigraphic context represent both Middle and Upper Paleolithic. The former is an example of Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition (MTA), while the latter includes a Châtelperronian, an early Aurignacian and Gravettian, as well as some Solutrean objects recovered outside of stratigraphic context.

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