Lower Paleolithic in the Poitou-Charentes


The first human occupation of Southwestern Paris Basin and the Poitou are poorly documented. Although many isolated finds of bifaces in the ancient alluvium of various river terraces indicate a human presence in this region from the OIS8/9, no excavated site with in situ material is known till now.

The geographical distribution and density of Palaleolithic industries in the Poitou is impressive. Anyhow it is impossible to compile a comprehensive map of these findings, most often made by individuals whose collections remained unpublished and  which have now been dispersed.

Around Poitiers numerous lower Paleolithic surface and Quarry findings are known. The single handaxe shown at the end of my post comes from Neuville-de-Poitou and was found by the father of Marie Francoise Becker (Zürich/Göttingen; thanks for the pictures Marie!). The other four specimens are Quarry findings from Châtellerault.

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