Handaxe from the Collection of Paul Fitte

Lower Paleolithic Handaxe (“limande” ) from Crevecoeur le Grand (Oise) from the collection of Paul Fitte.

 Paul Fitte (1917-1997) was a geologist who  published ,only 21 years old, his first work about the Clactonian.

He fought as a soldier under the command  of General de Lattre de Tassigny and took part in the liberation of North Africa and France by the allied forces in 1942- 1944. During these years he continued to  published about the archaeological discoveries he made in Africa during troop movements.

After the war his route crosses that of Francois Bordes, who in the 1950ies prepared his still readable  thesis on loess and the paleolithic of the Paris Basin. United by the same passion, they moved together through this region to explore already known and new paleolithic sites. Their close friendship and work led to a series of joint publications

In 1953, Paul Fitte  moved to St.  Avit Sénieur in the Perigord. Consequently, he devoted more of his time  to the prehistory of the Perigord .

This handaxe is one example from Fittes remarkable collection of prehistoric objects, most of them were later generously donated to the National Museum of Prehistory in Les Eyzies.


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