Cordiform Biface from Goderville


From the collections, made before 1950 at the Brickyard of Goderville, F. Bordes described two series of middle Paleolithic artifacts on the basis of their patination. In both series some small cordiform handaxes, similar to those that are displayed here, were attested.
The first series was ascribed by Bordes to an MTA with Levallois debitage. The second one, comprising backed knifes was ascribed to a “Perigordian 0” .This interpretation was later challenged by J. Heinzelin, who ascribed all findings to a single industry.

Lautridou and coworkers excavated a limited area in the 1980ies. Approximately 500 artifacts were found and have been the subject of a technological analysis (Drwilla, 1991). A recurrent unipolar or bipolar Levallois system towards the production of laminar blanks was attested. Retouched tools and handaxes were absent in the material. The exact stratigraphic position of the industry could unfortunately not be established.

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