Bromme Point

Bromme Point from the Type Site. Analysis of these projectile points indicates that they comprised an excellent and efficient hunting weapon when used as spear heads. They were too heavy weighted for being arrow points.

We have evidence of four major Late Palaeoli­thic cultures or culture groups in southern Scan­dinavia and North European plain: Hamburgian, Federmesser, Brommean and Ahrensburgian.

The Bromme technocomplex is characterized by large tanged points. Other implements of this “poor” industry are simple scrapers and some burins.

Most of the known Bromme settlements are in well-drained sandy soil and lack organic remains. Faunal remains from the eponymous Bromme site include reindeer, wolverine, beaver, swan, and pike but elk seems to have been more important than reindeer. The Bromme culture flourished at the end of Allerod and the beginning of the Younger Dryas.

Two alternative chronologies have been proposed for the Brommian: a long chronology where the late Hamburgian (Havelte Phase) switched to a tanged point industry and a short chrology, where the Bromme culture was related to the late Federmesser groups.

 The relationship between the Hamburgian and the Southern Scandinavian Bromine culture is unclear. A find from Lovenholm in eastern Jutland, if really in primary context, may indicate of a transitional phase, with a combination of Havelte-type tanged arrowheads and Bromme points.

At several sites in Northern Germany there are assemblages combining points of the Federmesser and Bromme complexes. The chronological and cultural significance of this grouping is still hard to determine, since the temporal homogeneity of most of these assemblages is rather uncertain.

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  1. Jacqueline Schouwenaars says:

    Hello. Found an artefact on Fünen that resembles ‘Bromme Point’. Would like to have contact with someone who could tell me more about this silex. Will be happy to send a photo for determination.

    With kind regards,
    Jacqueline Schouwenaars

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  3. Felix Riede says:

    Hi – I’m an archaeologist working in Denmark. I would be happy to help you – just google my name and you will be able to find my e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you.


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