Bifacial Quina Scraper

This is a bifacial Quina scraper from the Les Eyzies vicinity. These artifacts are very similar to MTA-bifaces, however their oval shape and the absence of  two converging edges are very different from cordiform handaxes. Similar scrapers, although rare have been already published by Henri Martin as shown here in his La Quina monograph

Although stone artifacts are the most abundant type of cultural remains at Paleolithic sites,  their function is often poorly understood. Neither a typological nor a “chaine operatoire” approach is fully satisfactory in this respect. During the last years microscopic use wear and residue analyses became more important in the evaluation of the functional meaning of  individual tools.

Until recently MTA-bifaces and bifacial Quina scrapers from S/W-France were considered to have a close functional status. However Émilie Claude showed that MTA bifaces were often used as butchering instruments while bifacial Quina scrapers were mainly used as cores.

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